Why The [BRDC] AR-9 9mm Bolt Carrier Beats Out The Competition

There are a lot of different retailers out there now selling Glock and Colt compatible AR-9 bolt carrier groups, both for 9mm and some even in the .40 Smith and Wesson and .45 ACP calibers, and lately even 10mm varieties. While you may notice, several AR-9 bcg for sale are very similar to each other across the board. You can probably guess why… Because there are only really five maybe six true manufacturers of the AR-9 9mm bolt carrier groups. Surprising I know, but the truth is the firearms industry is covered in curtain manufacturers supplying retailers and wholesale OEM customers.

      So now, to decide the differences and identify exactly the differences and exactly why the [BRDC] Integrated AR-9 9mm bolt carrier group beats out the competition.

Manufacturing Selection:

Looking through the AR-9 bolt carrier world is pretty quick and easy to accomplish. If you are a Googler go check it out, go ahead, we will wait… Easy right? How many different styles or designs did you find? Probably around the aforementioned five or six I’m guessing. But, how many of them have a detachable gas key or charging handle key? I’m going to venture an educated guess of around 95% of the listings you viewed looked almost exactly alike.

The current selection of the industry’s AR-9 9mm bolt carrier group for sale is vast and selective. There is brand after brand on multiple websites, multiple logos, and they all look the same. But the real products come from the true manufacturer, the designers, the innovators, the suppliers. Of all the 9mm bolt carriers for sale there are roughly three maybe four that are easily identifiable from each other.

Some of the 9mm bolt carriers for sale are only Glock or Colt compatible, many are both like the ones offered from [BRDC]. Some are $100 and others a $200+. But the real question is, who makes there own and why does [BRDC]’s beat out the competition? We already mentioned the “gas key” so we will start there.

Critical Failure Point:

The number one failure point on all blowback AR variant bolt carrier groups is the gas key. I say gas key, but in reality since it is a blowback, it is really a charging key. The action of a 9mm blowback bolt carrier group is violent and aggressive. We won’t go into the full out function of the blowback AR in this article, but hopefully you will get the idea. The patent pending [BRDC] AR-9 bolt carrier group is the only Pistol Caliber Carbine bolt carrier group for sale that features a truly solid, integrated, one piece charging key. No screws equals nothing to shear and break during rigorous operation like what is required in competitive shooting like USPSA and IDPA. Ultimately boosting strength and reliability in the platform.

Coating Choice:

The next “problem” with the blowback AR is the rapidly evolving and ever improving option of coatings. A quick surf of the [BRDC] website will show you a variety of new and innovative coatings offered with our products. While these coatings are not exactly new, their adaptation to the firearms industry is rather recent.

Prior to the coatings similar to those offered here at [BRDC] your options where pretty much the same as Henry Ford’s with the Model T in 1909, “You can have it any color you want, as long as it’s black“. This has been a pretty standard saying in the firearms industry for decades with the “Mag phos” or manganese phosphate which is a crystallizing coating over steel. Now manufacturers like [BRDC] have added the world of Nitride and PVD coatings to the market.

These coatings are not really a coating but more of a molecular change of the materials surface. Adding near zero thickness (.00005″) and no real dimensional changes, making it possible for manufacturers like [BRDC] to hold tighter tolerances in production. These new coatings like Black Nitride  and TiN (Titanium Nitride) offer superior chemical resistance and a lower friction coefficient making your AR run smoother and require less oil to cycle reliably. The coatings offered here on [BRDC]’s products are proven across multiple industries and offer some of the best performance across the industry.

Extractor Styles:

One thing you should have noticed in your Google search when quickly looking or in your prior searches for the best 9mm bolt carrier is the extractor. Some manufacturers utilize a 1911 style extractor that protrudes slightly out of the front of the bolt carrier while others utilize a .223 AR-15 extractor. While both serve the purpose for which they are intended, which one is better? The answer, neither!

Both have their advantages and if executed correctly and with proper maintenance will perform flawlessly for years to come. There is a very specific reason why the current version of our AR-9 bolt carrier group utilizes the 1911 style extractor though, reliability. Why wouldn’t you include the extractor design of your Grandpa’s handgun that won two world wars in your 9mm bolt carriers for sale? If you want reliability, it’s proven, it’s reliable, and best of all, requires no maintenance or consumable parts all it really needs is a visual inspection during normal routine cleaning to ensure it’s still there and your good to go!

Aftermarket Options Limitations:

Finally, aftermarket selections and options. So, if you actually did browse through Google to see the differences in AR-9 9mm bolt carrier groups, you will notice one popular saying that occurs on pages and pages of retailers listings;

our bolt carrier group does not work with many aftermarket triggers, therefore we recommend the use of a standard milspec fire control group

    Why would I want a bolt carrier that limits my selections? Who wants to be limited to a standard, creepy, sandbag trigger when there are so many great options out there? The [BRDC] AR-9 was developed to work with 99% of all aftermarket triggers like Elftmann, CMC, POF, and Hiperfire and even the traditional AR-15 milspec or civilian style triggers. They even work with the Fostech Echo (Gen II) and Franklin Armory’s BFS Binary. Just one last thing to set us apart from our competitors.

Hopefully you too can appreciate the effort in the design and manufacturing quality of our AR-9 bolt carrier group and have done your research of 9mm bolt carriers. If you came to the same conclusion we did feel free to pick one up by clicking here. Also don’t forget to let us know what you think about our products and this article with a review.

If you have any other questions about this “info-article” on the Battle Blog please feel free to contact us by email at Sales@brdc.us.