The World's Only Integrated AR-9 BCG

Remove the critical failure point on your AR-9 Bolt Carrier Group, with the world’s first patent pending Integrated AR-9 Bolt Carrier Group. Featuring no carrier screws, our AR-9 BCG is machined from a solid piece of 8600 series bar stock for the ultimate in reliability. Designed with a pinned in removable weight to allow the use of captured aftermarket buffer systems.

Available in a multitude of Nitride and PVD/ DLC coatings to suit your liking and boasting some of the best reliability and functional coatings in the industry.




Products That Work

Each and every product manufactured by [BRDC] is scrutinized for defects and workmanship. When you demand a product to uphold to the brutality of everyday use under extreme conditions, things break. That’s why [BRDC] works to break those products first. Though stress testing, high pressure testing, magnetic particle inspection, and the like. We guarantee the products you get from us to be able to work as hard as you do.


Manufactured with Michigan sourced 8600 Series Steel in the beating heart Northern Indiana by hard working and dedicated Hoosiers.

Raising the bar on quality and showing the world what Americans are made of…


The [BRDC] brand is built on quality and commitment by hardworking Hoosiers in Indiana. We are not based just sales dollars or net profits. You will not see products that do not meet the high quality standards that our customers demand offered from [BRDC]. Our customers demand quality, so we are based on that commitment to quality.
If we wouldn’t use it, then we won’t expect you to either.


Working in a 3D infinite dimensional space for what seems to be around the clock to bring our customers large and small the next new thing in firearms innovation technology. [BRDC] is always working on something for somebody. Now, with our branch into the retail market we are taking the time needed to build a brand where we rely on you, your thoughts, your reviews, and your loyalty.

This is the mission of Battle Rifle Development Company

AR-15 Free Float Handguards

With products like our HAVOC Anarchy Series Handguard, which is currently the lightest free float aluminum M-Lok railed handguard available in the industry.

Boasting a strong and meticulously designed 15.50″ or 19.625″ in length and at a weight of just under 8 ounces on our 15.50″ model, including the barrel nut and mounting hardware.

Available in eye catching anodized and Cerakoted ceramic finishes to make your next rifle as light as possible.


Our innovations are based on challenges, challenges we refuse to let defeat the brilliant staff here at [BRDC]. We analyze and examine methodically and in detail the current industry solutions to develop our answers, our solutions, and eventually our products.

Our persistence is one of a kind, we view a challenge as a game and we are one of the most competitive on the playing field.