A New AR-9 9mm Barrel for PCC And Why It Changes The Term “Match Grade”

Everyone has their choice of match grade barrels when it comes to building your next pcc… or even when you cruise the internet to buy one you are hit with several choices. Some manufacturers aim high and fall short while others rely solely on their industry presence and expansive marketing department’s skills to pound their products into your thoughts everywhere you look.

We are here to talk about OUR new barrel, the one that is going to change the meaning of the term “match grade”.  But first we need to identify what the term actually means and why everyone and their brother thinks their product offerings are available for the use of the term.

It should be no surprise that manufacturers and retailers alike utilize suggestive and even misleading text to sell and advertise products for their own profit, that’s business marketing right? We see it all over the place and we’re sure you do too!  The term “match grade” is popular in the firearms industry to mean Match Grade components, as in something manufactured of such quality it is meant to be used in the competitive shooting sports arena. Sam Hoober over at AmmoLand.com did a write up back in Spring 2017 about the meaning of “match grade” you should check out later, it goes into more detail on the tactics used.

A New Barrel Changing The Term “MATCH GRADE”?

Besides the obvious sales tactic from our own marketing department, we’re not actually changing the term. Instead we’re releasing our own version of Match Grade. [BRDC] has been diligently working in the shadows throughout late 2017 and into mid 2018 to offer our own extremely high quality AR-9 9mm barrels. We’re currently working on our final step and while this post is slightly little early, it will provide some time for anticipation while we finish everything up on our end and begin scheduling our release.

[BRDC]’s new AR-9 barrel will use the term “AbsoMATCH“. Our new  barrel offering will begin in the Pistol Caliber Carbine world with the AR-9 9mm barrel to be offered in varying lengths from 16″ to 4.25”. The new AR-9 9mm barrels will show the AbsoMATCH marking for consumer verification purposes and backs our commitment to retain extremely high expectations.

Why is an AbsoMATCH Barrel Better?

The [BRDC] AbsoMATCH barrels are better in almost every way. Manufactured from 416R gun quality Stainless Steel blanks from Criterion Barrels that have been stress relieved prior to machining. Our barrels keep the same specifications and manufacturing processes that have made the brand so popular in high end shooting sports. The 9mm barrel is made using a button rifling technique that has been perfected by Criterion and proven to hold more true over cut rifling and other manufacturing methods. The barrels are then hand-lapped to a mirror finish, and precision air gauged to .002″. Our barrels are then finished in a BATTLE-TESTED proprietary nitride process  that provides 3x times the corrosion resistance and 3x times the barrel life over existing salt bath nitride coatings. The coating is also more lubricious, has better coverage, and provides a more refined finish for the end product.

[BRDC] has designed a new PCC chamber that will be exclusively used in our AbsoMATCH barrels, allowing for custom (longer) loads over the traditional SAAMI spec’d barrels out there. Also incorporating an aggressive feeding chamfer into the chamber to assist in loading from the sometimes troubling Glock combination pcc platforms.

The Secret Sauce…

Everyone knows, or should know that the stiffer the barrel, the more rigidity it offers. Better rigidity offers a higher accuracy, makes sense right? [BRDC] is turning the page in barrel contours by writing an entirely new book. Our new barrel offering is a lightweight barrel, but it is a bull barrel. But wait, aren’t bull barrels heavy? Well other than the carbon fiber barrels from places like Proof Research and BSF Barrels, generally they are heavy, but ours isn’t. Matter of fact, our AbsoMATCH barrel rivals the weights offered by our carbon fiber competition and other lightweight barrel manufactures, but they generally do not and can not offer the other benefits that come with our contour design. 

Along with the new contour, that is now called the “TriBattle” profile, we bring several other benefits other than weight and rigidity. Heat dissipation technology, the TriBattle profile offers approximately 400% – 500% more surface area to mitigate the heat that builds during a live fire drill.  Our new AbsoMATCH barrels offer lightweight accuracy with a large bull barrel diameter that offers accelerated heat management technology.

Availability is to be determined for official release but it will be very soon. [BRDC] insist that dealers and distributors contact [BRDC] to get product availability and pricing prior to the official release date to allow time for orders to be filled.