We’re always looking for dealers who have the same core values as us, who understand what our customers need because they’re out there doing what they do right beside them. By becoming an Authorized [BRDC]  Dealer, you will be able resell Battle Rifle Development Company products and have priority access to phone-based and email-based customer support. You will also gain access to our wholesale site, containing all the marketing materials and products necessary to promote [BRDC]  products and your business.

To become an Authorized [BRDC] Dealer, please fill out the request form below and we will get in touch with you within 1 business day.


Become A [BRDC] Dealer
Please upload any documentation supporting the following to speed up your application process. Federal ID#, Resale Tax #, FFL#, or Any Other Business ID.

Terms and Conditions:

Buyer shall pay the full amount of any invoice on or before the date for payment set forth on such invoice or be subject to finance charges of 1.5% per month plus payment of all costs of collection if payment is not received 10 days after the due date. In the event that any invoice is not paid when due, in addition to payment of finance charges and collection costs, BRDC may, at its option, require that all other orders be sent C.O.D., or may suspend further deliveries until the account is paid in full. Expired cards rejected for payment will make your account(s) subject to all applicable penalties, fees and even disconnection. It is your responsibility to notify BRDC at 1-888-342-0932 if your Card Holder information, including the expiration date, changes.

Returned Checks:

$25 charge will be assessed on any returned check. In consideration of the credit which BRDC may hereafter extend to above purchaser, I (or we) jointly, severally and unconditionally guaranty payment when due of any present or future indebtedness owing by the purchaser to the seller and in whatever form it may be evidenced. I (or we) hereby waive notice of any and all defaults in payment by the above name purchaser. This is a continuing guarantee applying to all present and future indebtedness arising out of any and all transactions, including collection and legal fees incurred to collect balances due, made by the purchaser with the seller until revocation is received by seller, in writing, only by registered mail at its office, 2019 W. Lusher Ave, Elkhart, Indiana 46517
I, the applicant agree to the terms and conditions stated above and authorize [BRDC] to initiate credit or debit card transactions in the amount due on the given invoice. I understand that these transactions will continue until I notify [BRDC] otherwise in writing and I agree to hold [BRDC] harmless for charges resulting from my failure to provide [BRDC] updated Card Holder information.