AR-15 Low Mass Bolt Carriers

AR-15 Low Mass Aluminum Bolt Carriers are a relatively new addition within the firearms industry. [BRDC] has been on the forefront of the industry’s adaptation and upgrade-able systems that impact the recoil system, like with Low Mass Bolt Carriers. We have taken the standard steel M16 bolt carrier and manufactured it from 7075-T6, we then took our innovations a step further by developing a proprietary anodizing process for enhanced longevity for the product. But, [BRDC] did not stop there, within weeks of releasing the first model, the ALWC. [BRDC] released an additional model called the ALSK+. The ALSK+ boost the longevity of the aluminum bolt carrier by incorperating a patent pending skid plate on the bottom of the carrier, which we identified as the first wear point in the system. Feel free to browse our below selection of AR-15 Low Mass Bolt Carriers and please contact us should you have any questions.

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