AR-15 BCG Replacement

Keeping your weapon system running can be a daunting task, even worse if you are a competitive shooter or avid hunter. Selecting the right AR-15 bolt carrier replacement parts and components to enhance the functionality of your AR-15 rifle or pistol is a must for some serious shooters. The selection of components from [BRDC] offers both OEM replacement components and custom drop-in enhancements that will tune your AR-15 to run more efficiently. Browse our selection of AR-15 bolt carrier replacement parts and if you have any questions contact us and we will do what we can to get you on the right track.

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  • 223 / 5.56 TiN Bolt

    223 / 5.56 TiN Bolt

    This 223 / 5.56 TiN Bolt is available stripped and assembled for you convenience. This AR-15 bolt is coated in a TiN (Titanium Nitride) which is considered among the industry to be one of the best coatings available. The [BRDC] bolt is manufactured from 9310 steel and is then shot peened and MPI tested to ensure quality. [BRDC] does perform spot / batch HPT (high pressure testing) on our 9310 steel products.

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