PCC Bolt Carrier Groups

The [BRDC] Integrated AR-9 Bolt Carrier Group is the only blow back operated pistol caliber carbine bolt carrier group in the world that features a patent pending integrated charging handle key with no carrier screws. Machined from 8620 steel for rugged and  reliable operation. Designed and manufactured to be both Glock and Colt magazine compatible with ultimate reliability and smooth operation when it counts. The  [BRDC] integrated AR-9 Bolt Carrier Group features a undercut and 4 degree ramped hammer engagement surface that makes this AR-9 bolt carrier group available for most PCC lower receiver builds.[BRDC] then went a step further and spent months on design and manufacturing work to provide the best surface finishes available in the PCC market, while in the design stage we also made small changes to allow additional triggers and hammer combinations to be able to be used with our integrated AR-9 bolt carrier group. [BRDC] has worked day and night to be able to say that our PCC bolt carrier group works with 95% of aftermarket triggers and hammer combinations. Available in a multitude of the highest quality coatings such as TiN, CrN, and Nitride coatings with several different engraving logos and non marked items to choose from.

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