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  • AR-9 Firing Pin Spring


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Replacement AR-9 Firing Pin Spring for use with all [BRDC] AR-9 9mm BCGs. Our spring is lighter weight than other manufacturer’s and every precaution should be considered when using our replacement in one of our competitor’s. Made to fit our AR-9 Firing Pin in our Integrated AR-9 9mm BCG this system has been meticulously tested […]

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  • AR-9 firing pin retainer


    Pick up the [BRDC] Ar-9 Firing Pin Retainer for your PCC Bolt Carrier Group. Machined from high quality steel and coated with black oxide to prevent corrosion and provide a suitable detainment of your spring loaded firing pin. Don’t settle for a simple cotter pin, choose a product that was made to do the job!

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  • AR-9 firing pin


    Pick up a replacement AR-9 Firing Pin for your PCC today! Manufactured from high quality steel and nickel plated to offer the ultimate corrosion and abrasion resistance for extended uses. Don’t settle for sub-par products again, whether you’re shooting a match or being tacticool at your buddy’s house. There is nothing tacticool about a failed […]

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  • AR-9 Extractor


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    The [BRDC] AR-9 Extractor is made from 4000 series steel and properly heat treated and coated in black oxide for reliability across 1,000’s of rounds. This AR-9 Extractor is made for the [BRDC] AR-9 Integrated Bolt Carrier Group but may work in other manufacturer’s components. Machined from solid bar stock in 1 opt processes for […]

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  • AR-9 weight


    The AR-9 Weight from [BRDC] is manufactured from the same high quality 8600 series steel as our Integrated AR-9 9mm Bolt Carrier Group. The weight is finished in a black salt bath Nitride for a slick appearance with any component you may have. The pinned weight is manufactured for [BRDC] branded AR-9 Bolt Carrier Groups […]

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    Pick up the [BRDC] Ar-9 Rebuild Kit for your 9mm PCC Bolt Carrier Group. Complete with the necessary parts to rebuild a complete [BRDC] 9mm AR-9 Bolt Carrier Group. It features the best of the best components to keep you running strong. The items listed below are what is available in the AR-9 Rebuild Kit. […]

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