Free Float Handguards

[BRDC] handguards are some of the lightest on the planet. Engineered for the best weight to strength ratios to offer you a proven performance and weight savings product for your weapon system.

[BRDC] currently offers two series of products in our handguard selections. The Standard Series, which are standard weighted products that offer superior strength and rigidity, while maintaining functional and customization of fastening systems and locations, and the ANARCHY Series. The ANARCHY Series is a selection of our meticulously engineered platforms, that are then redesigned and manufactured with one goal in mind… weight.

[BRDC] currently has some of the lightest weight AR platform handguards on the market. All of our products are manufactured from alloys, we do not use carbon fiber or similar products to gain our weight savings. We manufacture our products to be structurally sound, rigid, and lightweight without compromising the material itself. Some of our packages are even lighter than our carbon fiber competition.

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    Anticipated Release Date June 1, 2017 PRE-ORDER NOW AND SAVE $50.00 The [BRDC] HAVOC M-LOK free float handguard is part of the [BRDC] ANARCHY SERIES of product offerings. The ANARCHY SERIES is [BRDC]’s take on meticulously engineered products that offer huge weight savings on the weapon system, while still performing the required objectives. The HAVOC […]

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